These days its very well possible to find mythology in almost everything, Animes included. Thanks to the popular culture, mythology always been a hot topic for authors and movie makers, but Anime hadn’t had that much of a popularity in the entire world until almost recently. Yet, thankfully Animes gained their popularity that they already have had earned long ago, with that more successful and eye-catching Animes found a place in our lives. Mythology and Anime, the topics that interests people with their mystical sides and today we will be talking about five Animes that has mythological sides to them.

Mythological Animes That Worth the Time

  1. Fate Series

Though it may not be as popular as legends like Dragon Ball, the Fate series are also one of the most popular animes of the time. The Fate series of anime intricately intertwines mythological and historical elements, offering a mesmerizing tapestry that melds legendary figures with modern storytelling. Rooted in the concept of the Holy Grail War, the series pits heroic spirits from various times and cultures against each other in battles of epic proportions. Mythological gods and goddesses are also included in those heroic spirits. Drawing inspiration from diverse mythologies, “Fate” brings iconic figures like King Arthur, Gilgamesh, and Alexander the Great to life in a complex narrative that explores themes of fate, free will, and the clash of ideologies. As magi summon these heroic spirits and engage in high-stakes conflicts, the series delves into the intricate threads of destiny, human ambition, and the consequences of wielding power beyond mortality. Through its mythological tapestry, “Fate” transcends time and genre, captivating audiences with its blend of ancient legends and contemporary moral dilemmas.

2- Record of Ragnarok

One of the hottest animes of the recent times Record of Ragnarok stands as a striking anime that thrusts ancient mythology into the limelight, crafting a breathtaking arena where gods and mortals collide in a battle for the fate of humanity. Drawing inspiration from Norse mythology’s cataclysmic event, the series showcases an epic showdown between revered deities and a chosen group of historical human champions. As mythic figures such as Thor, Zeus, and Buddha face off against iconic humans like Jack the Ripper and Miyamoto Musashi, “Record of Ragnarok” delves into the essence of divinity and humanity, exploring the profound impact of faith, ambition, and sacrifice on a cosmic scale. With each clash of titanic forces, the anime unearths the complexities of mortal aspirations and immortal legacies, all while inviting viewers to ponder the eternal struggle between gods and the mortals they shape.

3- Noragami

Although it has been a while since it was first released Noragami is an anime that brilliantly weaves the threads of ancient mythology into a contemporary narrative, inviting viewers into a world where divine and mortal realms collide. Drawing inspiration from Japanese folklore, the series follows the exploits of Yato, a minor deity striving to ascend the ranks of divine recognition. Traversing the modern urban landscape as a self-proclaimed ‘Delivery God,’ Yato embarks on a journey filled with supernatural battles, ethereal allies, and complex human emotions. The intricate narrative unfolds against a backdrop of ancient gods and spirits who are sustained by the faith and recognition of humanity. As Yato forms unexpected bonds and unravels the intricacies of his own divine existence, “Noragami” explores the symbiotic relationship between myth and reality, seamlessly blending the timeless allure of mythical pantheons with the trials and tribulations of contemporary life.

4- Campione!

“Campione!” emerges as an anime that masterfully intertwines mythology with a modern narrative, unveiling a world where mortal and divine realms converge. The series follows the journey of Godou Kusanagi, who, after defeating the rogue god Verethragna, becomes a “Campione” – a god-slayer. Drawing inspiration from a rich tapestry of global myths and legends, “Campione!” seamlessly weaves together ancient deities and their timeless stories with contemporary life. As Godou navigates his newfound role, he finds himself entangled in conflicts with other Campiones, divine beings, and mythological forces that defy human comprehension. This anime illuminates the intricate connections between humanity’s collective beliefs, the enigmatic powers of gods, and the extraordinary dilemmas faced by those caught between the mundane and the divine. Through its captivating mythological lens, “Campione!” explores the balance between mortal ambition and immortal legacy, enriching its narrative with echoes of age-old legends.

5-Kamigami no Asobi

“Kamigami no Asobi” shines as an anime that gracefully illuminates the mythological realm, seamlessly blending ancient gods with a contemporary narrative. The series embarks on a captivating journey where Yui Kusanagi, a mortal girl, finds herself ensnared in the affairs of divine figures from various pantheons. Summoned to a mysterious academy by Zeus, Yui becomes the bridge between deities such as Apollo, Hades, and Thor, fostering an extraordinary exploration of their diverse personalities and mythic origins. Through Yui’s interactions, “Kamigami no Asobi” offers a profound look into the intersection of ancient beliefs and the nuances of human emotions, unearthing both the timeless aspects of these gods and the ways in which they resonate with humanity’s ever-evolving understanding of the divine. As the anime delves into love, friendship, and self-discovery, it deftly weaves together the threads of myth and modernity, inviting viewers to embrace the enduring tales of gods in a refreshingly contemporary context.

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