5 Unknown Mythology Themed Games

When the topic is mythology themed video games, the first ones to come into everyone’s mind must be either God of War, Assassin’s Creed, or Hades. However, there are, of course, many more mythology themed games in the gaming field. Although some of them couldn’t take the spotlight because of various reasons, such as not having enough money to spend on ads, or just being unfortunate enough to be released at the same time with big names. And today we will dive into some of them shortly.

5 Unknown Mythology Themed Games

  1. Apotheon

“Apotheon” is a captivating video game that brilliantly thrusts the mythological realm into the spotlight. Set against the canvas of ancient Greek mythology, the game seamlessly weaves together the breathtaking tales of gods and heroes with compelling gameplay. Players embark on an epic journey through the divine pantheon, assuming the role of a mortal hero who must navigate the capricious whims of deities, challenge mighty creatures, and wield legendary weapons. The vibrant art style, reminiscent of ancient pottery and sculptures, brings the rich mythos to life, while the immersive gameplay captures the essence of heroism, forging an unbreakable connection between the player and the storied characters of ancient lore. In “Apotheon,” mythology emerges not just as a backdrop, but as the beating heart of an adventure that enchants players with its authenticity and grandeur.

2- Okhlos

“Okhlos” is a captivating video game that masterfully thrusts the mythological world into the spotlight. Stepping into the sandals of an angry mob in ancient Greece, players embark on a riotous odyssey to challenge the gods themselves. The game ingeniously blends action and strategy as players gather a raucous assembly of philosophers, peasants, and mythical creatures to overthrow divine beings who have run afoul of mortal concerns. The lively pixel art style infuses the game with a playful yet reverent homage to classical art and sculpture, creating an engaging world where mythological tales come to life. “Okhlos” not only embraces the mythological backdrop but also empowers players to rewrite these tales with uproarious twists, placing the power of myth squarely in their hands.

3- Pyre

“Pyre” stands as a captivating testament to the infusion of mythology into the gaming realm, casting a brilliant spotlight on this timeless facet of human imagination. Within a richly woven narrative, players are immersed in a fantastical world where exiles engage in mystical rites to earn their freedom. The game’s mesmerizing narrative mechanics, presented in a visually stunning manner, weave together elements of mythology, spirituality, and personal redemption. As players guide their band of exiles through ritualistic competitions and forge bonds with otherworldly characters, “Pyre” presents a fresh perspective on mythological themes. The game’s innovative blend of action and decision-making mirrors the complexities of ancient myths while offering players the agency to shape their own heroic journey. “Pyre” serves as a living tapestry where mythology takes center stage, inviting players to explore their own role within the grand saga of fable and folklore.

4- Journey to the Savage Planet

“Journey to the Savage Planet” artfully places the mythological essence at the forefront of its gaming experience. Amidst an alien landscape teeming with wonder and peril, players assume the role of an explorer venturing to an uncharted planet. The game intriguingly intertwines science fiction with mythological undertones, introducing a world inhabited by bizarre creatures and enigmatic structures that evoke a sense of the mystical. As players uncover the planet’s secrets and interact with its peculiar inhabitants, they embark on a modern mythological quest, confronting both the mysteries of the cosmos and the depths of their own curiosity. With its imaginative design and narrative subtleties, “Journey to the Savage Planet” deftly places the mythological spotlight on the interplay between the unknown and the human spirit’s age-old yearning for discovery.

5- Stories: The Path of Destinies

“Stories: The Path of Destinies” ingeniously thrusts the mythological realm into the spotlight, weaving a mesmerizing tapestry of choice and consequence within a captivating gaming experience. Set in a world of anthropomorphic animals and fantastical landscapes, players navigate the life of a heroic fox named Reynardo, making pivotal decisions that alter the course of his fate. Through branching narratives and time-honored storytelling techniques, the game’s richly layered narrative evokes the essence of myth and legend, reminding players of the intricate moral webs spun by ancient tales. The choice-driven gameplay allows players to forge their own mythic paths, exploring themes of sacrifice, heroism, and the interconnectedness of destinies. As Reynardo’s journey unfolds, “Stories: The Path of Destinies” illuminates the mythological spirit that resides within the choices we make, imbuing its world with the timeless echoes of heroic sagas.

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