Wang Xiaofei Issues Another Statement Denying Allegations of Assaulting Big S, Shares Shipping Receipt of Items Sent by the Female Party to a South Korean Logistics Company

March 20th – Wang Xiaofei has once again denied allegations of pushing Big S in a recent statement. In his statement, he angrily stated that he did not push Big S and claimed that she had attacked him with a knife, a golf club, and a wine bottle. He also shared what seems to be a shipping receipt of items sent by Big S to South Korea during their marriage. Furthermore, he accused Big S’s family of propagating negative views about mainland China to their children.

Full statement of Wang Xiaofei:

1- “I never pushed your sister, let alone you. Your sister has been constantly urging you to divorce me. I did shove her in extreme anger, but I have never laid a hand on you or your sister! You claim that I laid hands on you, but the truth is, when you were having hallucinations, you used a knife, a golf club, and a wine bottle to hit me! There is evidence and witnesses to support this. When you regained consciousness, you said you forgot and mistook me for your father. I have never said a word against you.”

2- “You claim you didn’t buy anything for that person in South Korea during our marriage period, right? Take a look at this shipping receipt, dated August 14, 2021!!! What goes around comes around. I chose not to expose it, but you’ve pushed me to it. You’ve been in contact with him long before, don’t deny it!”

3- “You demanded a divorce and asked me to sign a supplemental agreement, forcing me to bear the responsibility of supporting you and your current partner! I want to see my child, you said I could take the child abroad, but not bring them back to Beijing! You even instill derogatory views of mainland China into our child. Today, I’m bringing out these details for everyone to see. Don’t use privacy rights as an excuse because you’ve blatantly violated my reputation!”

“All along, I’ve tolerated your family’s narrative for too long. But I always tell people around me, you’re the mother of my child, I respect you, but you’ve never respected me. I hope in the future, you won’t speak through other people’s mouths when there are issues!”


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