Zhang Lan’s Livestream Promises to Unveil ‘Evidence’ in Response to Dee Hsu’s Statement, Prepared to Sever Ties with Wang Xiaofei

On March 20th, Zhang Lan declared in a livestream that she would present “evidence” to counter Dee Hsu’s recent remarks. Zhang disclosed that she had wanted to reveal this “evidence” earlier, but Wang Xiaofei had objected. However, since Dee Hsu mentioned her name today, she is now prepared to disclose everything. She further expressed that the release of evidence might lead to the severance of her relationship with Wang Xiaofei, and she has mentally prepared herself for this possibility.

Zhang emphasized that her grandchildren are the family’s bloodline, and whether they visit her is irrelevant. Today, she sees herself not as a grandmother or a mother, but as a societal woman and an entrepreneur. She stated, “After they come of age, I will open my arms and welcome them back to our beautiful Beijing.”

She also directly addressed Dee Hsu, saying, “Dee Hsu, you have repeatedly slandered me today. You are an influential figure, and your actions may now influence the youth, causing them to fear marriage and lose faith in love, which is extremely detrimental!” She added, “What about my son? Whatever they want to do, I must handle it properly. Have I ever disappointed you, my friends?”

In response to questions about Dee Hsu’s mother, Zhang remarked, “Ms. Huang will face consequences, not in the next life, but in this one. So, please return the marital home I bought for them. It’s worth about 300 million Taiwanese dollars.”



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