The Current State of ‘Old Imp’ from the 1983 Adaptation of ‘The Legend of the Condor Heroes’: Living Alone in His Later Years, Ignored by Others, Hospitalized After Falling in Hotel

76-year-old Hong Kong veteran actor Qin Huang, with nearly 50 years of acting experience, is widely known for his role as the mischievous character “Zhou Botong” in the TV drama “The Legend of the Condor Heroes.” Affectionately called the “golden supporting actor,” Qin’s health has recently been in decline, leading to frequent issues.

Recently, reports emerged that Qin suffered a fall in a restaurant, leaving him unable to care for himself. He sought help from former TVB producer Kwok Wing Chung and neighbor Lin Wei. Lin Wei expressed a hope that Qin’s family would be informed and urged them to visit him.

According to reports from Hong Kong media, Qin Huang, who has been living alone in a hotel in Hong Kong, recently fell and was unable to stand up. He called Lin Wei for help, but Lin Wei was not in Hong Kong at the time. Lin Wei then asked hotel staff to check on Qin Huang. They found him seated on the ground with swollen legs and helped him onto the bed to rest. Shortly after, Lin Wei received another call for help. Although hotel staff suggested taking Qin Huang to the hospital, he declined.

It wasn’t until March 21st when Lin Wei returned to Hong Kong intending to visit Qin Huang at the hotel, only to learn that Qin Huang had already been taken to the hospital. He was hospitalized for the same reason: a fall resulting in the inability to care for himself. Lin Wei had tried to contact Qin Huang’s children earlier but received no response. Through the media, Lin Wei hopes Qin Huang’s family will see the news and visit him at the hospital.


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