AI Resurrects Deceased Celebrities for Profit; Unauthorized Use Raises Copyright Concerns

In recent weeks, AI-generated videos featuring several deceased celebrities have proliferated on short video platforms. In these videos, AI replicas of stars like Li Wen express sentiments such as ‘I hope you all live well,’ while AI versions of Gao Yixiang express gratitude for fans’ messages and care, and AI replicas of Qiao Renliang greet fans.

However, these AI-generated videos have sparked opposition from the families of the deceased. Some relatives of the stars have demanded an immediate halt to what they perceive as infringement, condemning the actions and vowing to staunchly resist them.

The practice of ‘resurrecting’ the deceased through AI has become a lucrative business. Experts consulted on the matter suggest that AI ‘resurrection’ of deceased celebrities prompts reflection on memory, death, and individual rights. Whether concerning loved ones or public figures, numerous ethical and legal issues warrant discussion. In essence, the boundaries of technological advancement should be delineated within the framework of upholding societal legality, protecting individual rights, and ensuring ethical standards.


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