Netizen Exposes Prominent Female Star’s Schoolyard Violence: A Troublemaker Since Middle School

Recently, South Korean actress Jeon Jung-rui has been accused of campus violence, sparking widespread attention among netizens. A person claiming to be Jeon Jung-rui’s elementary and junior high school classmate, identified as A, revealed that Jeon Jung-rui was a delinquent girl in junior high school and had subjected her to group violence. The contrast between Jeon Jung-rui’s innocent appearance and the rumors of her involvement in campus violence has taken many netizens by surprise, as she does not seem like someone who would engage in such behavior.

Another person, identified as C and claiming to be an acquaintance of Jeon Jung-rui, has also come forward, stating that Jeon Jung-rui bullied her, saying that Jeon Jung-rui ‘thought I was easy to bully so she tormented me.’ What is even more shocking is that C, known to Jeon Jung-rui’s entire family, pointed out that Jeon Jung-rui’s treatment of her family is extremely cruel, ‘treating family members like servants, kicking them with her feet.

Jeon Jung-rui is a well-known South Korean actress who has appeared in the film ‘Burning’ and has received acclaim for her performance in ‘The Call,’ earning her the Baeksang Arts Award. She is currently garnering attention for her leading role in the television drama ‘The Impossible Wedding.’

The rumors of campus violence surrounding Jeon Jung-rui have left many fans feeling shocked and puzzled, with many expressing disbelief. Jeon Jung-rui has always presented herself with high quality and maturity, both on and off-screen, garnering widespread acclaim for her image. Therefore, such rumors have caused quite a stir.

In response to these rumors, Jeon Jung-rui’s fans have expressed their support and trust in her, believing that this may be a misunderstanding or defamation, and they eagerly await the truth to come to light. At the same time, some netizens are urging others not to easily believe rumors and to give Jeon Jung-rui a fair chance to explain and express her stance.

Faced with such rumors, it’s important for us to maintain rationality and await the truth. After all, the entertainment industry is rife with gossip and rumors, and we should not readily believe one-sided stories. Instead, we should afford the individuals involved the respect they deserve and provide them with the opportunity to address the situation.

Once these accusations were exposed, they immediately sparked strong attention and condemnation from netizens. Regarding this incident, neither Jeon Jung-rui nor her affiliated company has yet responded. Everyone is now waiting for further developments.


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